In ever-changing world of interiors, the only constant is an eye for detail, combined with a sense of subtle aesthetics and elegant functionality. At Klass Modular Systems, our pursuit of perfection has resulted in a stunning range of modular furniture that caters to every corporate / commercial need.

Klass Modular Systems is committed to the ever-changing needs of an office / Commercial set up and therefore has a dedicated team of engineers exercising their skill to evolve new designs and provide logical solutions to the complex needs of the modern day environment . Besides our team is committed to a constant endeavour to innovative new designs, shapes and models of furniture, which reflect the identity and entity of the organization as well as facilitate the work culture of the organization.

Our Ever Encompassing Product Range : Our product range includes modular furniture systems which are customized in design, size, stlyes, finishes, material compositions and include the following different types of Furniture as mentioned below :

  • Storage filing system.
  • Furniture for offices like desks, workstations and cubicles including partition systems - half height.
  • Executive desks for cabins / open cubicles with side credenza units and back runner units.
  • Full height glass partition systems including full height glass partitions with profile and semi glazed full height aluminium framed partitions consisting of solid panels and glass panels . [ Acoustical and Non Acoustical options ].
  • Conference tables and meeting room tables.
  • Library room furniture like desks and storage cupboards.
  • Orientation room furniture including podiums, seating systems, etc.
  • Canteen Furniture like Tables, chairs, bar stools etc.
  • Furniture for specific organizations and function specific workplaces like Banks, NBF Companies, Software Companies, IT Companies , Call Centers, BPOs, R & D Centers, Stock Trading Companies, Innovation Centers, Training Institutes, Auditoriums and other similar Spaces / Organizations.
  • Seminar Halls and other types of Mass Orientation Spaces.
  • Educational Classrooms for Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Universities etc.
  • Furniture , Fittings and Specialized Furniture for Commercial Spaces like Showrooms, Shops, Retail Outlets and other Commercial Establishments.
  • False Floorings, Modular Ceiling systems, sofas, chairs and Window Blinds.