Klass Modular Systems with its collective resource stems up a collection of customized solutions for different types of companies / spaces / Organizations, based on their pivotal activities and operations as well as their management structure which further propels efficiency and productivity at work place besides creating an ideal workplace environment and imparting a healthy work culture.

We have been associated with the furniture industry for the past five decades with an overall experience of 20 years in manufacturing / marketing & installing quality modular office furniture.

The expertise has been in the core business of manufacturing Modular Office Furniture, basically a offering One Stop Interior Solution for office interiors, by understanding patiently the customer requirements and his varied needs. Our rich experience has been delivering quality products, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction which has helped us to achieve a leadership position. We have been able to capitalize as one of the market leaders in short span of time.

We also wish to state that we have “state of the art” fully integrated modern hi-tech manufacturing plant with CNC machine installed in our plant located in Vasai, Thane & Dombivali, to cater the needs of the customer from any of the 2 factories. The outcome of this initiative will be the capacity to manufacture large value of quality products using the latest sophisticated machines adopting the most modern manufacturing processes. We take the pleasure of inviting you to our most modern plant which will give you clear picture of our capacity & commitment to quality.

Klass Modular Systems is committed to the ever-changing needs of an office / Commercial set up and therefore has a dedicated team of engineers exercising their skill to evolve new designs and provide logical solutions to the complex needs of the modern day environment . Besides our team is committed to a constant endeavour to innovative new designs, shapes and models of furniture, which reflect the identity and entity of the organization as well as facilitate the work culture of the organization.

The Net outcome is that we have all state of the art machines ranging from versatile high speed CNC - Router to all European make wood working machines like :

  • In House Hot Laminating Press.
  • C.N.C. Router.
  • Panel Saw.
  • Beam Saw.
  • Multiple Boring Machine.
  • Post Forming Machine.
  • Edge Binding Machines.
  • Spindler Moulding Machine.
  • Saw Dust Collectors.
  • Besides the carpentry / installation team has all kinds of tools and technically sound equipment to install and assemble modular furniture and to make and build hand made furniture of Preset / Standardized designs and Non Standardized designs as well.

Admin & Management -

We have a team of highly motivated professionals who have been a part of the modular industry for more than a decade and have contributed vastly in every aspect of the field with innovative ideas and mind boggling achievements. Well the one thing common among all of them is that we believe “WORK” is foremost and no ethics should be compromised in order to achieve gains. They are trained and molded to believe that their goal has to be the idea “customer first”, no matter what is the value of the transaction.

Moreover the admin and the management have one thing in common and that is it treats the workforce / labour with parity and considers them to be as vital to anybody else in the organization by sharing the benefits and comforts to them in equality.

Our Workforce / Factory Staff comprises of the following :
work Force

  • Factory Manager : 1 Nos
  • Factory Asst. Manager : 2 Nos
  • Production Manager : 1 Nos
  • Site Production Incharge / Senior Production Executives: 2Nos Each.
  • Cutting Master : 1 Nos
  • Skilled Labour : 4 Nos
  • CNC Operators : 2 Nos
  • CNC Machine Technician : 1 Nos
  • Machine Maintenance (Technical) Helpers : 2 Nos
  • Out sourced Workforce : 8 Nos
  • Site Team Workers : 5 Nos
  • After Sales Service : 2 Nos
  • Quality Control (Technical) : 2 Nos

However the No of Blue Collared work staff tends to fluctuate depending upon the order position at any particular point of time.

We hereby conclude by saying that all the information provided above is true to the best of our knowledge and understanding.
We would be most grateful and obligated to hear from you and to have you on board our client list.