KLASS INTERIORS is a modern contemporary company, but a little different than other interior firms, who are also engaged in offering furniture and interior solutions along with external applications. Well to start with we would like to put it very simple and straight way, that we always believe that a design is the essence of life and everything on this planet is designed in a way which encompasses a sense of function and appearance.

Sticking to Interiors primarily with this profile, we believe Designing comes more naturally when there is a need of essence, function and aesthetics.

Well to serve this purpose we thought we could be a tad little different and create a design firm which does not just design n execute interior projects, but also evaluates the essence of each aspect in a space and creates a theme of design which flows continuously and naturally with every element of the design.

The highlighting factor of our firm comes from a need to achieve what we dream and aim and the focal point of this dream lies in mankind . Though this may sound very philosophical but it is actually a proven fact that successful ventures are those who strive to serve life in general and at every stage the focal point of the activity is a social reason which begins from serving the client , taking care of employees, responsibility in following ethical accounting procedures and most importantly saving our environment for the future generations.

The crux of all these activities is in the need to create diverse ways to redirect our energies in a positive way and with a constructive thought.

Keeping things simple, we hereby would like to pledge by our profile that we don’t consider monetary gains as rewards for providing our services , but it is a form of appreciation for us, justifying our efforts and rewarding our initiative to innovate , design and build furniture / Interior solutions that gives us contentment to actually achieve and grow everyday with a constructive thought.

It does`nt matter how many items we sell or the number of projects we execute, but what matters is that how many customers are satisfied with our work and expertise.

Having deep belief in"Functionality with Simplicity and Elegance” Klass Interiors was started by an Interiors veteran [Mr Lalchand Nichani ] who is the founder and promoter of this firm with 4 decades of experience in the Interior Contracting Industry, set up the firm as an turnkey interiors firm and latter on slowly and steadily, added machinery and other resources including qualified workforce to convert the firm into a full fledged modular furniture and interiors unit.

During this journey right upto 2018 we have expanded many folds right from doing turnkey interior projects to formally creating a design studio and a workplace to build and create solutions for interior spaces. Well initially the idea was to grow as an interiors company till we realized a small fact of life whichis that we would be a lot happier with smiles on the faces of our customers than having large bank balances with a frown on our face. The contentment of serving the client and having a satisfied client is much larger and more rewarding than just increasing our bank balance and having another name to our client list. But this journey is very cumbersome and only possible when we treat our colleagues at par and learn each day with them and trying to improvise our respective expertise.

The idea of our firm “Klass Interiors” is to specializes in crafting designs and building furniture or to provide solutions for interiors purpose by thinking more like a client than a vendor and trying to get the best out of the resources we have.

In a way we try to be in sync with the lifestyles, culture, habits and preferences of our clients regardless of the fact whether the space is a home , office or just a single piece of furniture.

To address these issues effectively, we decided to basically divide our firm into 2 verticals with one which simply does the usual type of design, innovate and build the interiors from scratch like a conventional turnkey company and the other one revolves around just purely doing specialized furniture concepts or offering solutions in the architectural world.


Time : On time deliveries and installations to give sufficient time to the client to set up the office space and begin operations.

Cost : Being one of the most crucial elements in the entire decision making process, Klass Office Systems offers best possible options within limited financial resources to maximize client satisfaction and consequently fulfil the requirements. Moreover the flexible payment terms also makes it easier for the client to make payments and allocate funds in a more convenient way.

Latest Products and Technology : The design concepts and products are based on latest technological advancements and features introduced in the industry.

Impeccable Quality and Service : Our products come with a default warranty of 24 months and the after sales services can be stretched further by opting for AMCs.
We do not state that the products are not vulnerable to any malfunctions but our strict quality controls and an efficient & effective service makes up for any kind of problem that the client may face. Generally we aim to solve any client complaints within 24 to 48 hours.